General Manager

Center: The Avenues

Retailer: Chick-fil-A

Job Role: Store Manager

Job Type: Full-Time

City: Jacksonville

State/Territory: US-FL


Chick-fil-A - General Manager 

Job Role: Chick-fil-A General Manager

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description:

• Co-creates with operator the long-term vision for profitability

• Leading and overseeing the coordination of all aspects of restaurant operations

• Ensures customer satisfaction at all times

• Engages in immediate problem resolution and short-term plans to correct critical issues

• Drives financial performance and provides feedback to leadership and suggest operational

actions required to achieve financial targets

• Manages the budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis for the restaurant:

establish project budgets to assist managers with proper decision making

maintains daily reports of clock-in and clock-out times of team members

oversees inventory management and month end processes

ensures payroll accuracy

• Audits HR files and labor practices for compliance

• Maintains cashier accountability log and daily cashier reports

• Oversees organization and maintenance of back office

• Monitors food cost and manage waste

• Recruits & selects new team members

• Promotes unity among all team members and leadership through effective and timely communication of vision, weekly events, key elements of business plan, etc.

• Maintains healthy relationships with all levels of leadership

• Coaches and mentors team members

• Prepares leaders to speak intelligently about processes, best practices, and the business

• Serves as point-of-contact for owner/operator and restaurant team members

• Analyzes quarterly CEM reports

• Drives continuous improvement


Prior experience in a Quick Service Restaurant

1-2 years prior management experience

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